Towsey Train Open House

Port Royal, PA


2016 8th Annual & Final Towsey Train Open House (for now) see story below!

Saturday, January 16th:                         11am-5pm

Sunday, January 17th:                            11am-5pm



For more information call JP Towsey at (717) 953-7339 or by emailing [email protected]

Located On Sawmill Road, Port Royal, PA 17082

Attention Towsey Train Open House fans:
Yes the news is true this is the final Towsey Train Open House. The good news is you still have a chance to see the show during our 8th Annual Towsey Train Open House, it's one weekend, one finale. 2016 is good bye. However, is it good bye forever? We doubt it, but for now yes, this is the last Towsey Train Open House. We have still have plans for the future with new things and new surprises, what year these will will happen we're not sure. Please stick with us and understand that this is a tough decision for all of us

Thank You for your continued support!
James P. Towsey

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